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to the present-day realities of Better Questions, there is a deepening lyrical maturity displaying confidence while still maintaining power and edge.

This set of songs came to Todd with a clarity with which even he was surprised.

, was a praise and worship album that didn't quite sound like a praise and worship album (and that's a good thing).

It foretold the attributes that would characterize Agnew's sound over the five studio albums that would follow it, introducing his versatility, songwriting, and atypical vocal delivery.

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I'd just finished the Christmas record and it was so big; there was orchestra on every single song, and it's just this epic thing," Todd notes.

There's an axiom that should apply in so many areas where we live our lives, be it classroom or boardroom or family room.

"There's no such thing as a dumb question."But there's one place where this idea tends not to apply.

"But at the end of recording the song, we got the guitar player to go in and create all these feedback loops, then we put that behind their simple rhythm.

So you hear the feedback and expect the rhythm to come crashing through, but it just subtly comes in and moves you along.""But this song also deals with the danger of the format we've been taught in writing for this genre: you can present any question you want, as long as you answer it 30 seconds later," Agnew says.

For example, the drummer played all her parts with her hands.

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